Morning, night, or at the gym – you won't find these Born Believers without their favorite Born products. Hear why more and more swear by the purity and effectiveness of Born Skincare.



Morning, night, or at the gym – you won't find these Born Believers without their favorite Born products. Hear why more and more swear by the purity and effectiveness of Born Skincare.

Up until a couple of months ago I was using products that were toxic to my health. I was working for Chanel, and I thought they were the holy grail of makeup and skincare. They would brainwash me into believing their products were good for my skin, and in turn I would tell the same thing to my customers. Then I discovered the blog "Organicbunny" and it changed my life! She introduced me to the Born Skincare's foaming cleanser, Pure. I'm HOOKED!! I absolutely love this cleanser! Taking off my makeup and cleansing my face is my favorite part of the day!! This cleanser is so soft and it takes off every trace of my makeup, even my waterproof eye makeup! I also introduced the The Source for Muscles to my boyfriend whose back is always hurting him. When I spray this stuff on his back he says it really helps. Thank you for all you guys do! I'm so glad I found you!



So I've always had problem skin... either too oily, too dry, acne, redness, you name it I've probably had it. I've tried pretty much any facial cleanser, moisturizer, serum, and/or cream on the market with varying levels of success. Most products would work for a few weeks and then my skin would be horrible again. It was just by chance I came across an organic beauty blog (The Organic Bunny) that suggested the Born Skincare Cleanser and facial oils. With some trepidation I sent the blogger a message on instagram, interested in learning more. She praised all of the Born Skincare products and urged me to try some of the products out. So I quickly bought the cleanser and sensitive skin facial oil. Within a few days I was hooked! The cleanser is so light and it removes all my makeup without over drying my face. The sensitive skin facial oil has been a life saver too! It works with my combination skin and provides me the hydration and moisturzing/soothing my face needs. The cleanser and facial oil are now my go to products! My skin has never looked so great. I have told all of my friends and family abiut the products and how much I LOVE them. Whenever people compliment my skin I am quick to share my beauty "secret" of Born Skincare with them. I am so thankful to The Organic Bunny and for Born Skincare for transforming my skin!!!



"I am soo happy to have finally found a organic skincare regimen that makes my skin glow and feel refreshed. The foaming cleanser, my personal favorite, has a wonderful rose water fragrance that makes my face feel so clean and re-hydrated! I Follow that with the muscadine grape seed oil and I truly feel like a new woman. I am shocked at how the oil can be used for so many different purposes on my body. Overall I am soo pleased and thankful for Born skincare!"



"I have enjoyed using Born Skincare products! I especially love The Source for Sensitive Skin, pure muscadine grape seed oil. This miracle oil has greatly improved my dry skin and heals any imperfections in an instant! I have peace of mind knowing I am not polluting my skin with harmful chemicals."



“I use The Source for Sensitive Skin. I cannot say enough about this product! I have encouraged my family members to research what is in their products and have pushed them to make the switch to Born. I have never thought much of my skincare--I have normal/combination skin and have used a variety of products in the past (some sold in drug stores, others in department stores--Neutrogena, Origins, Clinique, Clarins). After using Born products, I will never ever go back to using the products of the past. Not only is this product natural and organic, it works wonders on my skin. I apply the product before bedtime and wake up with the softest, clearest skin. It magically moisturizes my dry patches and cleanses the oily/problematic spots. I am proof that the products you use matter."



"I got introduced to Born Skincare and I am hooked! I use it daily in my morning shaving routine. My skin looks great and it has never felt better."



I have a herniated disc in my neck and the Source for Muscles has been a life saver for me in calming muscle spasms. It is nice to use a natural product that is also very effective in relieving muscle pain. So many of the muscle relaxants and pain medications make you drowsy and have lots of negative side effects. However, I can use the Source for Muscles whenever I want, get muscle pain relief, and feel good about using a natural product that is amazing for my skin!!! Thank you Born Skincare for the Source for Muscles oil!!!



"I started using The Source for Mothers when I became pregnant with my first child. Not really being one that was familiar with organic skincare. It gave me piece of mind to know that this product was safe for me and baby. It worked wonders on my skin. It kept my belly fresh and moisturized throughout the day. I didn't even get one stretchmark! I credit that to you Born Skincare. Job well done!"


"After using The Source for Sensitive Skin I can truly see a difference in my skin's look and feel. Initially skeptical about applying an oil to my face, I was pleasantly surprised by the light and moisturizing feeling of the application. What I did not experience was a sticky, thick oily film on my face as I anticipated. The next day, my skin felt great - hydrated, visibly brighter and a more even skin tone. I am truly excited about the launch of the Born products and wish you much success.”



"I truly love using the Muscadine Grape Oil! I’m rather picky when it comes to skin care products and I’ve tried everything under the sun (from Cetaphil to LeMer; from oils to heavy creams), so if something stands out from the other products it gets added to my must have list. I have mostly dry skin but tend to have problems in the T-zones like many women. The muscadine oil is heavy enough to address my dry skin and it absorbs quickly. It leaves my skin feeling soft and plump like it just absorbed a yummy snack, but I don’t feel 'oily'. You will notice that muscadine oil is thicker than other skin oils, which is nice because it doesn’t run all over the place when you are trying to apply it. It also smells good in my opinion – not like a fake smell, just an organic natural smell. I even convinced my husband to try some, a little experiment of sorts. He has very sensitive skin and usually breaks out in sweats when he puts anything on his skin, and is reactive to even the most sensitive products. After harassing him for days to try the product he snuck some on without me knowing and didn’t tell me. However, I noticed immediately when he kissed me because his face felt soft and plump as well but not oily. He (begrudgingly) admitted that it was a really good product – but of course he’s a guy so he doesn’t need to use any products regularly ;)"

"If you are thinking about trying this product I highly recommend it! This has become a staple for my skin care routine and I love the fact that it’s all natural so I don’t have to worry about any adverse effects to my health. Thank you Born Skin Care!”


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