Komet DD85-G

Komet DD85-G

The Komet DD85-G is Monforts workhorse.  This press works at slow speeds with high torque and can handle a wide variety of seeds, from small to large, soft to hard. This press can do a lot that many of the multi chambered chinese hot presses cannot do. With Monfort’s screw system, you are pressing the seed with the minimum of work and heat, which yields a purer oil product, as well as high quality meal.

We’ve been operating our DD85 under a variety of conditions and have been happy with the results. We have pressed lots of sunflowers and canola, as well as trials of pumpkin seeds (delicious!), evening primrose, flax, coffee beans, grape seed, and passion fruit to name a few. The press is rugged, easy to work with and designed to run 24/7/365.

The DD85G comes with a 3 phase motor infinitely variable motor, but has an option for single phase, and is 50/60hz compatible.

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Technical Data

Capacity in [lbs] of input material / hour (depending on type and Bulk of Density of oil seed to be processed) 44‐110
Electric Power of Drive Motor in [kW] 3,0
Weight in [lbs] (net only, without input material) 716
Dimensions in [in]