Before & After

Before & After

Before & After

Joanna, age 30, using The Source for Sensitive Skin

The Source for Sensitive Skin

Joanna, age 30

"It's easy to use the oil at night. I was pleasantly surprised at how good this feels and I also like that it doesn't have a fragrance. It absorbs really quickly and my face feels so smooth. After 3 months of using The Source for Sensitive Skin I see a difference. I used to have a lot of scars in my chin area and it is really helping get rid of them. My favorite thing about the oil is that it gives my face the most amazing glow! I love the oil because my skin looks a lot better and I will definitely keep using it."

Christena, age 33, using The Source for Mothers

The Source for Mothers

Christena, age 33

"I started using Born for Mothers about 1 month post partum. Within two days I could already see a dramatic change in the color. My stretch marks were very purple in the beginning but two days later, they had lightened. This gave me a lot of encouragement that I had found a product that was all natural and really working. I have only been using the product for 3 months and the stretch marks are almost completely gone. It's wonderful and I will definitely use with my next pregnancy."